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My Study Space

Since I got accepted into the course it has got me thinking about my study habits and how I have gotten better over the years; however, I know because I am going from a tafe level of study to a university level of study. Tafe, for those of you who don’t, is a more hands-on university. I know that over the years as I matured and gained experience studying in different environments which influence why I think I will be able to cope with this course.

Over the years I have lived and studied in a residential boarding house sharing with 55 other people that had a community environment. Also, I have been in an apartment and a house, sharing it with one other person and finally I have been living on my own in 2 different apartments in student sharehouses. This time I will be studying and living in my own house, on my own with the only other live thing that is living with me is my cat. It is through all these living experiences that I discovered one thing about myself – I like it when I have my own space and have a cat to talk to and snuggle. Now, there where other factors that brought me to these conclusions but I am focusing on the study aspect of the equation.

I have tried having an office to study in, but like a lot of research suggests, I get distracted easily like a lot of people. This is nothing new I am aware; however, because I am going to a minimal assignment and readings to a 13-week structured syllabus with lectures and readings every week, that I need to try something different for this. So below is my study space and I will point out why I have such things.

Located in the corner of my lounge, next to my dining table.

I have a cup for my tea which is not my usual cup because I want to condition myself that when I am drinking out of that cup – I am studying. I have a stand for my iPad which will also double as a textbook stand when I need it. For practical annoyance, I have a stress ball which is an apple and to remind me of why I am learning to be a teacher I have Bert and Ernie because Jim Henson is awesome and Sesame Street is how I began to learn. I have photos of all my friends who are also my inspiration and remind me of the rewards I have for studying because during my mid-semester break I go on my annual trip to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and hang out with them. Finally, on my bookshelf, I have my textbooks for study, pen holders with pens, folders and a pencil case that holds highlighters and other stuff. Finally, there is a box that holds supplies for my planner that I use to organise myself. I will do another post on my organisational method in another post.


My name is Tansy, I am a library technician at a primary school who is training to be a teacher.

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