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Taking Time to Read

This year I set my reading goal on Goodreads at 20 this year, last year I set to 30 and although I am pretty sure that I will read at least 30, I am lowering my goal. This is because of university. I know that reading is going to become a huge part of my life; however, I am aware that because I will be doing a lot of academic reading and that my ‘pleasure reading’ may be limited.

So this year I am going to take my reading slower and enjoy the process. Now that isn’t saying that all those years I have been reading that I haven’t enjoyed it; however, I usually am trying to finish it quickly so I can get onto the next one. My goal this year is to enjoy each book in its entirety.

I am studying full time and that equates to 40 hours a week study.


My name is Tansy, I am a library technician at a primary school who is training to be a teacher.

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