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Benefits of Working In A School While Doing A Teaching Degree

I know I am in a very privileged position as someone who is already working in the field that I will be studying for. Although I am a library technician, my boss has continued to be one of my biggest champions when it comes to doing this course. Apart from encouraging me to apply for the course and make me realise that I haven’t released my full potential when it comes to work, there are a few extra things I am having access too.

As previously mentioned he said I could use any of the resources in the library that I can borrow and read, as well as

having the teachers I can talk with and ask questions. It came up on my first day that as well as spending time in the classroom that I should come to the staff meetings that are on a Wednesday. Most of the staff meetings on a Wednesday are professional development days and most of them focus on English and Maths. I will go into my units of study next week when they are released online. He said by coming to the PD’s I will be getting current real-time practices in the profession as well as being able to get examples that can translate to some of my assignments. Then he introduced me to the new mathematics leader who started this year and he said I can come to him with any questions. He pointed out that it will be interesting to see whether what they are teaching at my uni lines up with what the current trends are in school. I then got confused with two acronyms PD and PLT (Professional Learning Teams), but that turned out to be a good mix-up because when they are doing a PLT meeting, I can sit in and watch what happens within these meetings.

All this combined with if I need a study space that is familiar I can go to work with the purpose of studying in a professional setting.

All in all, I think that it is going to be an amazing year.


My name is Tansy, I am a library technician at a primary school who is training to be a teacher.

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