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Year 1 – Semester 1 Subjects

On Monday my subject portals opened and I am more excited yet nervous then I have been for a while. I recently binged watched The Good Place (new favourite show) on Netflix and I feel like Eleanor at the start of the show. I am very much blindsided by where I find myself but nonetheless, I will roll with it.

The Good Place: Episode 1


Foundations of Teaching

This unit is what it says on the tin, it is all about what teaching is. Aside from that this unit focuses on looking at yourself as a developing teacher as well as introducing students to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. After we look at what learning and teaching is, we then look at what a teacher actually does. How they go from understanding and comprehending the material through to planning and teaching the material in an appropriate and understandable fashion.


Academic Literacies

While this unit looks at how to become a good academic student, this is looking at personal literacies, academic integrity, academic literacies, literacies in action and literacies in the digital age. This takes my existing literacy skills and brings them up to be able to meet the new literacy challenges. I also have to take the Faculty Literacy and Numeracy Competencies Test.



Foundations of English

This unit looks at the foundations of language and literacy as well as understanding texts. In the first part, we will focus on language and culture, systems of language and the two types of language learning: oral and written language. It will finally also shed light on language variation and change. In the second part of the course, we will look at the features of texts which include purpose and structure, knowledge about language, process/verb groups, participants/noun and adjective groups, adverbials/circumstances and finally teaching text types and grammar.



Personal and Professional Numeracy

The final unit for my first semester is about numbers and maths, one subject that I hated in school and never considered myself good at; however, I am open to learning new things and discovering something new about myself. I must say this unit does seem like it is working in reverse order from what we cover week to week. It looks at numeracy in the media, data representation, descriptive statistics, uncertainty, correlation and causation, looking at maths and numeracy in early childhood, pattern, algebra, number and computation, proportional reasoning, measurement and geometry, financial literacy, NAPLAN and finally finishing on the history of mathematics.


My name is Tansy, I am a library technician at a primary school who is training to be a teacher.

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