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How Do I Learn

I am doing this post as part of my tutorial for week 5 – where I am to present my thoughts on how I learn. For the purposes of this, I will be talking about how I learn today, as an autonomous learner. For those of you who do not know – there are three types of learning styles; visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. It is to be noted though that there can be an overlap between two and then it can combine all three together.

For me, I am a mix of two types; auditory and visual.

For me this means that I like reading about topics and making notes, most of my notes tend to be in an outline method. I have switched to an online notetaking system in OneNote that I am finding really helpful. As my prefered way to take notes is electronic this suits that method, also I like colours and I have a colour coding system that I have online and with my textbooks.

Finally, as a flashcard system, I discovered through College Info Geek the scientific study app called Anki. This app uses spaced repetition in practice, for the best way for people to remember something just at the moment they are meant to lose it.

To compensate the visual side of my learning here is a Crash Course: Psychology course. This specific video topic is The Growth of Development.